A Travel Guide for Beyond the Rainbow

by Judy Kennedy

explores the connection between spiritual practice and extraterrestrial intelligence in a historical context. It also dispels disinformation typical to this genre, particularly with regard to politics, conspiracy theories, and occultism. A unifying theme based on “The Wizard of Oz Mysteries” provides an exciting backdrop for the book as its parts correspond with the major events in that much loved story. Stylistically creative yet practical and empowering, this book is a unique, highly enjoyable tome that goes beyond the borders of previously published literature on this vast subject.


“As The White Goddess by Robert Graves was the ultimate research book for the 20th century, Judy has created the current best equal for this new millennium.”
-- Mark Roberts, author/director of The Stargate Group

It is indeed wide-ranging!”
-- Zecharia Sitchin, distinguished scholar and best-selling author
The Earth Chronicles series

“...Reminiscent of the seminal Up from Eden by Ken Wilbur and In the Dark Places of Wisdom by Peter Kingsley.”
-- Sheila Richardson, editor/former publisher, IBM Press”

“...fascinating... will shape the way you think or challenge the way you view life. The author knows her stuff, and knows it exemplary well.”
-- Malcolm Robinson, author/publisher/founder of Strange Phenomena Investigations

“Highly Recommended... the perfect addition to any alternative spiritualist’s library.”
-- Midwest Book Review

“Outstanding originality... destined to be a classic!”
-- Pehlah Q., Editor, Avenues of Awareness


I'm pleased to announce my involvement as an instructor for The International Metaphysical University, a fantastic new on-line accredited academic institution dedicated to exploring consciousness through education. IMU offers a wide range of classes that you can take for personal interest or towards a graduate degree in the following areas: Consciousness Studies, Energy and Alternative Medicine, Intuitive Arts, Paranormal Studies, Shamanic Studies, and Ufology. In addition, an option exists for studying to become an ordained minister eligible for licensing in any state.

IMU has assembled a stellar faculty of experts in every field. So not only can you learn from great teachers, you can also INTERACT with most of them. All classes are either audio or video-based, so attending them is much like coming to a live workshop but with more advantages. You can listen to the classes from anywhere, over and over again, as many times as you want. The learning is self-paced over a 12 week period rather than a few days. This enables you to get more comprehensive material at a pace you choose. Overall, IMU is pioneering a wonderful concept, and I'm excited to be a part of it!

International Metaphysical University

I'm teaching UFOs, EXTRATERRESTRIALS, AND THE MYSTERY SCHOOLS, and my book is the textbook for the course. Please click the world above for more information. You can also view the other courses in the various curriculums and faculty member profiles.

Well that's it for now. Let me know what you think, and I look forward to having you join us at IMU!