or "Notes from the Green Ray"
Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike.
John Muir
Life is nothing but a dream and if we are artists, then we create our life with Love. And our dream becomes a masterpiece of art.
Havi Mandell
And we ask you to please bring your heart to the awareness that the spelling of Earth is Heart, for our sacred Gaia Sophia Earth Mother is the very Heart of Life. And Her magic and the magic of Life is held in all of her sacred codes, geometrics, formulas, words and wizardry that are contained and held within, and which form, the Sacred Systems of All Life: as created by the All That IS of Life the Divine Mother. And by which we are the living expression of Life, made manifest in form, and carriers of the living imprint of Life upon us.
Dion Fortune is one of my very early "root gurus." While only a "book" guru - meaning that our contact came from me reading her writings (she passed away in 1946) - she was very influential all the same. In fact, I would say most influential as I was only 15 years old when I read The Esoteric Orders and their Works. My life was never the same. Anyway, not long ago, I read a fascinating blog post from Intermittent Ramblings from the Big Hills. . . about Dion Fortune on "The Green Ray." It included a comment about Impressionism - my favorite form of classical music and art: "To my mind what the Impressionist artist is trying to do is to interpret psychic vision - to draw the etheric aspect of a thing - the lines of force surrounding it - the life side of it rather than the thing itself. He is trying to represent the archetypal idea behind the object, to open up the sub-conscious level on a higher arc." She goes on to explain how an initiate on the Green Ray integrates the light and dark archetypal energies within herself to create art that is both within and without and that results in the transmutation of awareness into purer forms -- that she must be able to "extend consciousness both ways - to the spiritual super-consciousness and to the elemental sub-consciousness in order to obtain the full range of human capability."

This is how Nature triggers and reinforces the radiant circuits within the energy field that result in the art of alchemy. This requires no ritual or mental visualization. It is just what Nature does if completely open. Like another great teacher once said, "Nobody should be allowed to meditate in nature" because Nature meditates you. This is the secret to all nature mysticism. But it is not without mind. No, the mind experiences the Great Natural Perfection because that is its true nature.

I like a quote that the blogger inserts at the very beginning of the post:
It has been sometimes said tthat the Green Ray is without wisdom - that is complete nonsense. It is not the keynote of it, but there is a great wisdom aspect which develops from the Green Ray, and its wisdom in this case is the superlative knowledge of fish and bird and beast, and of their ways and needs, and above all a remarkable communication with their Group Souls.
Margaret Lumley Brown
To be continued. . .